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Student Enrolment - Bachelor's Degree Programmes 2023/24 (NVQ 7) - University of Vocational Technology (UOVT)

Admission of Students for the following Degree Programmes (Courses) conducted by the University of Vocational Technology (UoVT / UNIVOTEC) 2023/2024 – Ministry of Education

01. Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Network Technology
02. BTech in Software Technology
03. BTech in Multimedia and Web Technology
04. BTech in Quantity Surveying (QS)
05. BTech in Food Process Technology
06. BTech in Industrial Management Technology
07. BTech in Media Arts Production Technology
08. BTech in Film and Television Production Technology
09. Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BET) in Mechatronics Technology
10. BET in Manufacturing Technology
11. BET in Building Services Technology
12. BET in Construction Technology and Resource Management
13. Bachelor of Hotel Management
14. Bachelor of Education (BEd) in English Language Teaching (ELT)

• Qualification: A/L or NVQ
• Duration: 3/4 Years (Weekdays / Weekends)
• Online Application
• Closing Date: 2024.02.12

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